Lost Creek (Lyon's 12th studio album), launched in January 2o15 reveals Lyon's vintage pop-rock sound that he was known for on earlier recordings.
"After recording 'The Lights Behind' in 2o14, which was mostly a solo acoustic affair, I had the urge to strap on the old Gretsch and turn up the amps again."

Lost Creek is a collection of 12 songs put together in Lyon's cabin studio (a log cabin set inside the Monashee Mountains of British Columbia, Canada).
"I live in a remote area on a dirt road which is prime cougar country. When the sun goes down you wouldn't walk down my road without a rifle, so I got a lot of work done in my studio."

 Lyon penned and recorded the collection in between working and producing other artists this past year. He also performed most of the instruments himself (including drums) but did invite his cast of musician friends Elly Kellner, Steve Wood, Kolja Lieven, Mike Roelofs and Bj Baartmans to join in.
"I started playing drums when I was 15 and bought a guitar at 17. It's been a lot of fun sitting behind the kit again."


"Your rocker sound is crazy hot!"  G.H. (Canada)
"I like you better than I like your music." 
M.K. (Holland))
"Exellent Songs..."  S.G (Canada)
"Girl from Manitoba is a Classic!"  J.G. (Canada)
"Very good job you put on it a little pop music!" R.M. (France)
"Memories, presence, emotion. Good on you Shannon Lyon!" P.M (Canada)
"Cool songs and sounds, I hope you find a larger audience!" D.M (Canada)
"Thank you for the gift!" E.T. (Canada)
"What a weird funny first song that is!" F.K. (Holland)
"Have loved your music for ever..never fail to be amazing..thank you!" (K.L Canada)
"Great sound! Luv your heart, always will." V.C. (Canada)
"I love your guitar sound; i think i'd recognise it anywhere!"  Z.Z (Canada)
"I love the tune 'Aint Got No Love'...Holy Shit!"  J.C (Canada)
"I enjoy hearing you 'rock out' !  Tres Bien!T.K. (Norway)
"it's a beautiful album, and playful, love it!" A.G (Canada)